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Nkangi Kitidu Klitsu Cross - Brass - Bakongo - DR Congo - Asian African Art
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Nkangi Kitidu Klitsu Cross – Brass – Bakongo – DR Congo


Object Nkangi Kitidu Klitsu Cross
Ethnic group: Bakongo
Country: DR Congo
Material: Brass
Period: Mid 20th century
Sold with stand: No
Dimensions: 23x15x2 cm
Weight: 750
Condition: Good condition, used with some signs of wear

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Named Nkangi Kitidu Klitsu, those Bacongo crosses are made under influence of the missionaries that came to Congo since the 15th century.

Named NKANGI KIDITU KLISTU, what means Christ the protector

The Mfufu’s chiefs only had such a cross . Upon the death of a chief, a NKangi Kitidu was handled over to his successor during a special ceremony.
They where also used in judgements, the person involved had to touch the crucifix and swear to speak the truth!
It was also used in healing matters, the crucifix was then placed on the sick person to cure him or her.
Last but not least it had also a spiritual purpose, to be in contact with the son of the believed creator. of the world.