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Fertility Doll – Bronze, Beads – Namji


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Fertility doll from the Namji people of Cameroon. The doll represents the child desired by everyone, and is at the same time a “women’s fetish doll” which has to ensure their fecundity.
Therefore, it has the power to fulfill a woman’s desire of giving birth.
It is also said that childless or milk-less women, touch or squeeze the dolls that fulfilled women’s desires so that their wishes become true.

Since the birth of a child has a significant incidence on the status of a couple, psychological blocks occur.
In fact, a woman without children is considered as an imperfect creature.
The doll is an artificial placebo enabling to unblock the situation.
Good condition with a colorful patina.

Provenance: Manfred Schäfer collection, ex- gallery owner from Ulm, Germany.

Object: Figure
Ethnic group/ culture: Namji
Region/ country: Cameroon
Material: Bronze, Beads
Condition: Good
Sold with stand: No
Dimensions: 28×16×10 cm
Weight: 1600 g



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