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Panya Ngombe mask – Wood – Pende – Congo


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This mask, used by the Eastern Pende people of the DRC is known as panya ngombe and represents a buffalo, symbol of authority and dignity. Characteristic of this type are a horizontally oriented form, protruding ears, and an ornament consisting of a motif of relief triangles. These masks formerly belonged to the insignia of important chiefs (mbuya jia ufumu). Clad in a royal garment and holding a machete, the masked dancers appeared only during the mukanda initiation of adolescent boys after their circumcision, to gather donations to cover the cost of the celebration that took place after the initiation period.

Provenance: former private collection of the Netherlands.

Object: Panya Ngombe mask
Ethnic group/ culture: Pende
Region/ country: Congo
Material: Wood
Period: Mid 20th century
Condition: Good
Sold with stand: No
Dimensions: 20×12×3 cm
Weight: 80 g


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