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Ancestor figure – Wood – Kwele – Gabon


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A figure of the Kwele (also known as Bakwele) people, who live in the corner of the three lands, between Cameroon, Gabon and the Congo. Kwele masks are well known and are relatively common. The figures, on the other hand, are rare. The female standing ‘sculpture’ is carved in clear and light wood. It shows a typical Kwele face, as we know it from the masks: edged in the shape of a heart, cut and pointing eyes, as well as a wide and triangular nose. The lower end of the face has a small curt mouth. The head, the rest of the face and body are coloured in white kaolin. The figure has large breasts and no arms.
An interesting figure, with brilliant patina from use and age.

Object: Ancestor figure
Ethnic group/ culture: Kwele
Region/ country: Gabon
Material: Wood
Period: 2nd half 20th century
Dimensions: 53×14×14 cm
Weight: 1350 g


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