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Ancestor Figure – Wood – Lobi – Burkina Faso – Karl Ferdinand Schädler certificate


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Authentic Lobi figure from the Manfred Schäfer collection.

Lobi Figures are the enigmatic, brooding sculpture that protect the Lobi people of Burkina Faso. Most are frontal, symmetrical and timeless sentinels expressing the traditional beliefs of the Lobi. Several depart from the norm with animated gestures, asymmetry or a great degree of symbolic abstraction.
The figures were placed on family altars in the thilda, a small sacristy or room in each dwelling. Each figure was not a representation but an actual spirit, or tibil thil. It protected the family and home from illness and other misfortunes. The spirit could also be used for divination; it could demand offerings and additions of other figures. The accumulation of statues on a family altar gave social status and were passed on from father to son. Most were frontal and symmetrical, but some have unusually animated gestures.

Provenance: Manfred Schäfer collection, ex- gallery owner from Ulm, Germany.

Authenticity signed by professor Karl-Ferdinand Schädler.

Including professional custom made stand.

Please contact first before order; due to the size of the item, higher shipping costs may apply

Object: Ancestor Figure
Ethnic group: Lobi
Country: Burkina Faso
Material: Wood
Period: Mid 20th century
Sold with stand: Yes
Dimensions: 102x24x24 cm
Weight:  20 kilogram
Condition: Good condition, used with some signs of wear