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Belly Mask – Wood – Vuvi – Gabon


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Unusual wooden belly mask from the Vuvi tribe of Gabon.
This kind of masks symbolize fertility and are also thought to be worn during boys initiation ceremonies.

The Vuvi live in central Gabon. Vuvi bwiti association’s masks are characterized by the relative flatness of their design and the emblematic nature of the facial features and markings. These masks serve as agents through which ancestral spirits reappear during funeral ceremonies and solemn communal gatherings. The color white equates with death, and the simple blackened facial features are graphic signs, representing esoteric knowledge handed down from the ancestors. The ovoid face has strongly arched eyebrows often extending from the bridge of the nose to the edge of the mask. The eyebrows may demarcate a heart-shaped area with narrow eye slits and a slightly open, thin-lipped mouth.

Good used condition with clear traces of wear and tear. Beautiful belly mask with a great patina. Large piece, total lenght: 80 cm!

Object: Belly mask
Ethnic group/ culture: Vuvi
Region/ country: Gabon
Material: Wood
Period: 2nd half 20th century
Condition: Good
Sold with stand: No
Dimensions: 80×33×20 cm
Weight: 4000 g


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