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Bracelet / Currency – Bronze Manilla – West Africa


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Old copper Manilla – West African trade currency.
Manillas are (almost ring-like) bracelets, mostly in bronze or copper, very rarely of gold. They served as a kind of money or barter. They were also used as decoration in certain West African nations like Guinea Coast, Gold Coast, Calabar Kingdom, other parts of Nigeria. Manillas were also known as “slave trade money”. The Europeans began to use the Manillas to buy slaves for the slave trade in the Americas (as well as in England before 1807) The size and weight of a Manilla determined the exchange value.

Object Bracelet / Currency
Ethnic group:
Country: West-Africa
Material: Bronze
Period: First half 20th century
Sold with stand: No
Dimensions: 13x13x8 cm
Weight: 750 gram
Condition: Good condition, used with some signs of wear


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