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Crest Mask – Cloth, Plant fibre, Wood – Bamoun – Grassland of Cameroun


Object Crest Mask
Ethnic group: Bamoun
Country: Cameroon
Material: Wood, Cloth, Plant fibre
Estimated period: Mid 20th century
Sold with stand: No
Dimensions: 36x30x25 cm
Weight: 3800 gram
Condition: Good condition, used with some signs of wear

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Stunning old tribal mask from the BAMUN tribe of the Grasland of Cameroon.
This types of wooden masks were worn on top of the head.
The face is covered with red and white kaoliën.
This extraordinary mask has the bold facial features, wide jowls, smiling mouth, broad nose.
They share some of the same characteristics in mask style with their neighbors the Bamileke tribal people. Masks with large head crests were danced at the various courts in the Grasslands. They appeared at ceremonies with the planting and harvesting, entertainment as well as used in initiation. Masks like this were used in initiation and for educational purposes. It is truly a unique mask with all the style of the Bamun tribal artists
Good condition with traces of wear and tear. The left ear seemed to be restored.



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