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Crest Mask – Cloth, Wood – Oku – Grassland of Cameroun


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Object: Crest Mask
Ethnic group/ culture: Oku
Region/ country: Grassland of Cameroun – 40 cm
Material: Wood, Cloth
Period: Second half 20th century
Condition: Good
Sold with stand: No
Dimensions: 40×21×21 cm
Weight: 2200 g
Stunning old tribal mask from the Oku tribe of the Grasland of Cameroon.
This types of wooden masks were worn on top of the head.
The face is covered with black and white kaoliën.
Masks with large head crests were danced at the various courts in the Grasslands. They appeared at ceremonies with the planting and harvesting, entertainment as well as used in initiation. Masks like this were used in initiation and for educational purposes.

Kingdoms of the Cameroon Grassfields have exercised social control through regulatory societies ever since the precolonial period. Among the most important of these is the Kwifoyn society. Ranked lineages, all of which owned and performed with masks, have also had their own regulatory societies. Members use a variety of zoomorphic masks to convey authority and to symbolize their powerful positions in performances. These masks take the form of animals such as a buffalo, a hybrid bovine-human, and an elephant, which are typically associated with royalty.

Good condition with traces of wear and tear. The horns of the mask seemed to be restored in the past.
Total length with cloth: 60 cm