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Door lock – Wood – Dogon – Mali


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Authentic wooden doorlock from the Dogon tribe of Mali.
Wooden door locks (ta koguru) were used on the doors of dwellings, cookhouses, sanctuaries, and on granary shutters. Each lock is given a name in accordance with its message, person, myth, or any anecdote referred to. Door locks were a prized gift for young brides, and passed down from generation to generation. Sculpted by the blacksmith of the village for the hogon (spiritual chief) and notables, door locks are one of the major elements of Dogon art. Apart from its rarity and its finely construction, this door lock is the work of a great sculptor. Good condition with a great patina of use.

Provenance: Justin Barthels (1934-2021), gallery owner Maastricht. Ex owner of a Salampasu mask DR Congo Estimated 60.000 – 90.000 USD by Sotheby`s. Source: (

Object: Door lock
Ethnic group/ culture: Dogon
Region/ country: Mali
Material: Wood
Period: First half 20th century
Condition: Good
Sold with stand: No
Dimensions: 31×24×4 cm
Weight: 550 g