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Fertility Doll – Bone, beads – Fali – Cameroon


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Fertility bone doll from the Fali people of Cameroon.

Metapodial bones from ruminants, e.g. antelopes or goats, were already found in the Iron Age, in children’s and women’s graves in the Congo. Based on their natural shape, resembling human figures, it was assumed that they represented, already at that time, dolls and/or fertility figures.

For more information about these type of dolls:

Good condition with a colorful patina.

Provenance: former private Dutch collection

Including professional custom made stand.

Object: Fertillity Figure
Ethnic group/ culture: Fali
Region/ country: Cameroon
Material: Bone, Beads
Condition: Good
Sold with stand: Yes
Dimensions: 30×7×7 cm
Weight: 400 g



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