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Fertillity doll figure (2) – Wood – Adan Ewe- Togo


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Twin couple figures from the Ewe tribe of Togo.

A fine twin figure made out of wood and wearing beaded jewelry around the neck and the waist. This miniature is used as a doll among the Ewe people. The Ewe people of Ghana celebrate the birth of twins as a good omen. Twins known as Venovi, lead a life of parallel experiences as they are fed, bathed, and similarly dressed.However if one of the twins dies a Venovi figure is purchased to represent the deceased twin and is equally maintained as though alive, being washed and fed.Like the well-known Ibeji of the Yoruba that represent the same idea of portraying the deceased twin in a sculptural form, Ewe dolls are shown as adults and represent deceased twins.They are delightful miniature carvings and have a place in any collection for their carving and presence and for what they represent.

Provenance: Manfred Schäfer collection, ex- gallery owner from Ulm, Germany.

Including professional custom made stand.

Object Fertility doll (2)
Ethnic group: Adan Ewe
Country: Togo
Material: Wood
Estimated period:  Mid 20th century
Sold with stand: Yes
Dimensions: 24x14x6 cm
Weight: 450 gram
Condition: Good condition, used with some signs of wear


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