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Harp – Wood, Leather – Mangebetu – DR Congo


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Wonderful harp from the Manbetu tribe of DR Congo. Harps and other stringed instruments are among the important art forms in Africa, used both as a musical instrument and as a work of sculpture significant in many religious and secular ceremonial functions, including dance, rituals and story-telling. Many examples incorporate the human form as the body of the instrument.

These forms are typical for harps of the Mangbetu (and also the Azande) people of northeastern Zaire, now the Dem. Rep. of Congo. They were used both in court life and by travelling itinerant musicians.
Good condition with traces of wear and tear. Stand is not included.

Object: Harp
Ethnic group/ culture: Mangbetu
Region/ country: DR Congo
Material: Wood
Condition: Good
Dimensions: 52×40×20 cm
Weight: 1100 g



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