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Initiation mask – Wood – Lwalwa – Congo


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Great wooden African mask from the LWALWA tribe of D.R. Congo.
LWALWA carvers are famous for their masks which are worn during initiation dances, funerals and to bring good fortune to the tribe.
The LWALWA tribe is related to the LULUA and live around the frontier with Angola. They are of KETE origin and come in close contact with the LUNDA people during the 17th century (The tribal Arts of Africa, Jean-Baptiste Bacquart p. 181).

Lwalwa artistic output epitomizes the use of geometric abstraction in African art. This particular mask, with its contrasting simple geometric planes, has a strength and power beyond its basic form.
It has a typical enlarged nose, a protruding mouth and slanted eyes set under a deeply domed forehead. Good condition with slight traces of wear and tear.

Object: Initiation mask
Ethnic group/ culture: Lwalwa
Region/ country: Congo
Material: Wood
Period: 2nd half 20th century
Condition: Good
Sold with stand: No
Dimensions: 36×19×11 cm
Weight: 500 g


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