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-SOLD- Smoking pipe - Bronze - Bamun - Cameroon - Asian African Art
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—SOLD— Smoking pipe – Bronze – Bamun – Cameroon


Mid 20th century – Good condition, used with some signs of wear

Object:Smoking pipe
Ethnic group/ culture:Bamun
Region/ country:Cameroon
Period:mid 20th century
Condition:Good condition, used with some signs of wear
Sold with stand:No
Dimensions:18×29×21 cm
Weight:2200 g

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The peoples of the Cameroon Grassfields (West Africa) developed a rich tradition in the visual arts that expressed the social and political hierarchy of the many chiefdoms and kingdoms of the region.

Prestige pipes made of brass, such as this one, were part of the regalia of Fons and title-holders. They were made on commission for a patron and were cared for, and carried after, their owners by retainers. They were also displayed as status objects on ceremonial occasions. Prestige pipes would have been kept in the royal treasury at the Fon’s palace, located at the geographical center of the kingdom. These objects provided a record of the kingdom’s past and affirmed a pattern of culture based on the Fon’s preeminence.

Good condition. The pipe stands a bit unstable on it`s own. Beautifully decorated with 3 birds.

Provenance: former private collection from Belgium.

Shipping within 24 hours after the payment is received. Tracking number will be provided. Signature upon delivery. Fully insured.
May as well be viewed and picked up at the Asian African Art Gallery in Vessem (NL).