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Anklet / Currency – Bronze – Mongo – Ekonda – Congo DRC


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These anklets were worn by women of the Mongo tribe of northwest Congo. They were status symbols and were also used as currency. They were made by pouring hot copper and tin into molds set in the ground. Once formed they were removed and bent around trees until they had the appropriate size. Because they were heavy, women would wrap fabric and leaves – called Litelele – around their feet to keep from harming them. Typically they were worn for celebrations and relatively short periods, but on occasion brides might actually wear them for months at a time!

Object Anklet / Currency
Ethnic group: Mongo, Ekonda
Country: DR Congo
Material: Bronze
Period: First half 20th century
Sold with stand: No
Dimensions: 13x13x8 cm
Weight: 700 gram
Condition: Good condition, used with some signs of wear


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