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Memorial Head – Bura Asinda-Sikka – Terracotta – Niger


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West Africa, Niger, Bura Asinda-Sikka culture, ca. 3rd to 11th century CE. A fine hand-built terracotta memorial head of a characteristically phallic form resting atop a flared base. The abstract visage is composed of petite eyes, an enormous nose above full lips, and tab-shaped ears with miniscule piercings, and the coiffure exhibits dozens of raised nodules which imbue it with a scaly texture. Examples like this were initially discovered in 1975, many by farmers who were preparing their fields. Hence many Bura sculptural works were accidentally broken by shovels before serious archaeological excavations began in 1983.

Provenance: Manfred Schäfer collection, ex- gallery owner from Ulm, Germany.

Including professional custom made stand.

Object: Memorial Head
Region/ country: Bura
Material: Terracotta
Condition: Good
Dimensions: 33×8×8 cm
Weight: 1200 g


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